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How we motivate your applicants

As Estate Agents, our aim is to work for you in the smartest way possible, to achieve you a smooth selling process, and a lucrative house sale. At  iLove homes, we like to keep our business practice as transparent as possible to you, the client, and ultimately achieve a satisfactory sale in a good time frame. In order to establish trust on the part of you, the seller, we want to tell you here how we motivate your applicants;

We pay attention to buyer profiles
With years of experience in buying and selling property, we have come to know the various types of buyer profiles out there, and the types of homes that are most suitable for them. We always suggest the homes most suitable to the buyer for them to consider and view, therefore you can guarantee (as a seller) that we will put your property in front of the exact type of people likely to purchase it.

Viewings are carried out by trained staff
Each viewing will be lead by a fully trained member of iLove homes staff. The staff member conducting the viewing will be experienced, and informed in your property logistics and features. Our friendly staff all have excellent knowledge of the local area, and are motivated in engaging with the potential buyers and meeting their needs as regards information and second viewings. We encourage those who are interested to come back for second viewings, and are keen to hear any feedback they may have.

Attractive For Sale and To Let signs
iLove homes provide attractive For Sale and To Let signs, to encourage footfall and passing traffic to get in touch with us as regards viewing your property. This can be the motivation that people need to make an appointment, where they might not have been actively looking in a certain area or at a certain time, but they are called to action through our signage.

No-pressure follow up calls
Where appropriate we follow up viewings, engaging with interested parties and seeing what more we can do to help them make up their minds. For those applicants who are interested in buying or renting the property, we then initiate the process as regards paperwork, and keep on top of the process the whole way to ensure a contract goes through. By providing a friendly and informative service, with no pressured sales techniques, we find that we can get the process moving and the deal closed in good time.

We keep check of the process
Whether the applicant be an experienced home buyer, or a first time buyer, we are here to oversee the entire buying process. We request the paperwork required to proceed, and chase up anything outstanding. We like to provide as much support as possible for buyers in order to ensure that the seller has a good selling experience with us. We are there for both buyer and seller until the completion, and try to avoid any dragging out of time.

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